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Iceland Eruptions
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Hello there!

Welcome to our Iceland Eruptions Forum.

Please feel free to join our community of enthusiastic followers of the Iceland rift event. In other words... Bardatards!

  • Bare with us, because we are still building this forum, so... if you have any suggestions, please post them below or send us a message.

  • If you want to post a picture you can use the BBCode img tags and place an image URL between them or you can click "Add image to post" underneath the screen in which you type.
    You can choose your image ("Browse") and upload it. You can change the resize setting, but the standard 640 setting is best. After that simply click "Submit" and your post will include your image, like this:


    It has no use clicking on the image, it will just take you to the image hosting site (

  • The local forum-time is UTC, because Iceland time is UTC.

  • We have a personal messaging system, so you can send PM to other users.

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