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"10-15 minutes to evacuate the area, if Bardarbunga erupts"

In his lecture today on the eruption, Dr. Ármann Höskuldsson, geophysicist, said that it Bardarbunga volcano, one of Iceland´s largest volcano, erupts, people near the area would have 10-15 minutes to evacuate the area to get to safety.


Dr. Höskuldsson, responding to a question regarding the strict rules on visiting the eruption area by foot, making it difficult for travel agents to bring tourists to the area, explained that between 70-90% of the volcano was covered with glacier which would lead to severe floods, if eruption in the actual volcano would occur. He took an example of 500 tourists scattered in the sanded area of interest to the travel agents, in which case only 100-200 could be brought to safety. "Then 300 will be left and how can we justify which ones will be taken by the flood?", Dr. Höskuldsson said.

Source (Icelandic): MBL

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